9 Unmissable Facts about the Indian Beer (Brewing) Industry

-The top 3 beer companies in India according to 2014 figures are United Breweries, SABMiller and Carlsberg (Tuborg strong being most popular in India). -The market share of United Breweries in the Indian beer industry stands at more than 50% (on 2014 sales figures). -Taxes collected by Indian States from Beer contribute as much asContinue reading “9 Unmissable Facts about the Indian Beer (Brewing) Industry”

India’s Domestic Air Cargo Witnessing Unprecedented Growth on Ecommerce Push

Domestic air cargo traffic in #India is on a growth spree with increasing demand from #ecommerce companies. The sector has been witnessing double digit growth ranging from 21-25% in 6 out of last 14 months. Bengaluru, Hyderabad and New Delhi airports are experiencing sharpest growth with Delhi’s traffic growing at the rate of 42.2% in MayContinue reading “India’s Domestic Air Cargo Witnessing Unprecedented Growth on Ecommerce Push”

12 facts associated with the internationally acclaimed Indie film Court

-Vivek Gomber is both, a producer and an actor in the of indie film Court. Gomber as a child was an Amitabh Bachchan fan and Agneepath was his favourite movie of the actor. -Chaitanya Tamhane is a first time writer and director who met Gombre while working on a play together. -Gomber (36) paid TamhaneContinue reading “12 facts associated with the internationally acclaimed Indie film Court”

Mumbai skyline captured by Russian photographers

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, can be seen here from the perspective of two Russian Photographers. All the pictures are taken from a high point, capturing the city in the miniature style. Here only a few of Raskalov’s pictures are shared but you can also check out more pictures and high-resolution images on hisContinue reading “Mumbai skyline captured by Russian photographers”

Cow calf saved after falling in gutter hole in Delhi

A cow calf was saved near Shahbad Dairy, Delhi after the calf fell down in a gutter hole. Delhi Fire Service and Delhi Police was prompt in taking action after receiving the information and a JCB was called on the incident site soon which dug the area around the gutter hole. The calf was pulledContinue reading “Cow calf saved after falling in gutter hole in Delhi”

Daily Prompt: The New School

The high-resolution image is shared on my flickr page for lack of uploading limit. Please be kind enough and check the work by clicking on the below link. A Preying Photographer http://www.flickr.com/photos/99345206@N02/11647272524/ Submission for Daily Prompt: The New School

Top 3 – Global News

1. Ukraine: Prime Minister Mykola Azarov is pinning its hopes on Russia after they received a financial bailout from the country. The activists from opposition are however claiming that this will not serve the Ukraine’s priority of looking for a solution to its economic troubles and will invariably make Ukraine more dependent on Russia. 2. Sudan:Continue reading “Top 3 – Global News”

Weekly Photo Challenge : Grand

The picture was taken after a rainy day in Delhi, India – explaining the overcast. The little presence of moon right in the middle of the picture was a highlight along with the stark contrast created between the dark sky and bright road with headlights beaming in the lower half of the picture. In short,Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge : Grand”

People’s movement against corruption divides in two camps: Team Anna and Team Arvind

What started off as an apolitical public movement against corruption was split before it could achieve its end goal of a corruption-free India. In what could have been undisputedly the most high-profile events of Indian Diaspora during recent times, Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal locked horns over their separate ideas for achieving India Against Corruption’sContinue reading “People’s movement against corruption divides in two camps: Team Anna and Team Arvind”

The Economist on “Gold Craze” in India

The Economist summed up the reason behind the gold craze of an Indian individual saying: “At the individual level, then, the gold craze makes sense. But in aggregate it is a disaster for India. Imports of bullion impose a massive strain on its balance of payments—amounting to $54 billion in the year to March 2013.”Continue reading “The Economist on “Gold Craze” in India”