ISRAEL: Germany will, for the first time, send fighter jets to Israel to participate in a military exercise.

ISRAEL: Germany will, for the first time, send fighter jets to Israel to participate in a military exercise. Via – The Spectator Index

Why did planes kept flying over Ukraine even after it was crisis hit?

After the news of Malaysian Airlines jet that was carrying 298 people was shot down by a surface-to-air missile yesterday in Eastern Ukraine, you must be asking yourself that the country has been crisis torn for months and yet International airlines did not took the precaution of avoiding the risky route. Well, following are aContinue reading “Why did planes kept flying over Ukraine even after it was crisis hit?”

Maruti Suzuki launches Stingray to attract young India

Maruti Suzuki has launched it’s latest car in India called the Stingray. The car is launched with an aim to expanding its portfolio to cater to the demands of young India. The Stingray includes projector headlamps and reflector grille. In terms of the engine, Stingray is powered by the critically acclaimed 998cc three-cylinder K-series engine.Continue reading “Maruti Suzuki launches Stingray to attract young India”

First look of #Dhoom3 is here #globalannal #bollywood #aamirkhan #video

After much enthusiasm and curiosity surrounding the film, the first look motion poster of the movie is here. What you can gauge from the poster is details of a police pursuit on wireless and a tracking helicopter in the sky. Whereas Aamir Khan, who is known to be playing the role of a con inContinue reading “First look of #Dhoom3 is here #globalannal #bollywood #aamirkhan #video”

#TaylorSwift was an #Ugly Duckling before making it big in the #Music #Industry #Globalannal #News #Celebrities

  Looking at celebs most people think that were already this good looking always. However, contrary to the opinion there current appearance is carefully crafted through fitness regimes, beauty therapies, costume designers and make-up stylists. So, next time, think twice before assuming! Image Source: Huffington Post

Ace #Wildlife #Photographer Rajesh Bedi holds exhibition and launches new #book “Rajasthan: Under the Desert Sky”

(In Pic: Jaswant Singh)   (In Pic: Salman Khurshid)   (In pic: Nafisa Joseph and His excellency of Jodhpur Gaj Singh)   (In Pic: Rajesh Bedi)   (In pic: Vinod Dua, Senior Journalist)     Source: Roli Books

Five star #hotels in #India to be governed by #green guidelines and save environment #globalannal #environment #recycle #Tourism

Minister of Environment Jayanthi Natrajan tabled the guidelines in Lok Sabha. The guidelines will address the issue of wastage of water and food in these hotels through recycling and distributing food among the poor. Offering half portions to clients also feature in the guidelines to limit food wastage. Source: Firstpost

Emirates launches super luxury Private Jet service

Emirates has luxury to a whole new level by launching a private jet service to its offerings. The new service is housed in Airbus 319 aircrafts. The Dubai based airline will offer customers the benefit of their private jet experience through its Executive scheme.     The aircraft features a highly configurable cabin that canContinue reading “Emirates launches super luxury Private Jet service”

Custom built Royal Enfield designed on theme Olympic rings

Royal Enfield is one of those vintage motorcycle brands that is still in production providing riders with the much needed reliability, sturdy built and added new features to the bike to keep it rider friendly in the present day situation. Although RE looks quite good in its regular model also, yet this new Royal EnfieldContinue reading “Custom built Royal Enfield designed on theme Olympic rings”

Management Insights: Failure should be used in corporations to fuel innovation

With the increasing competition in Business, innovation has become the key driving force, world over. However, in order to continue to innovate successful products, one needs to tide over failures and stop thinking of it as something to be detested. Baba Shiv, Sanwa Bank, Limited, Professor of Marketing believes in the concept and promotes itContinue reading “Management Insights: Failure should be used in corporations to fuel innovation”