Photographer lead around the world by Girlfriend

The series was shot by Russian photographer Murad Osmann and his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova in an ongoing project called Follow Me. Each photograph has the hand of photographer Osmann and back of his girlfriend Zakharova. The pictures were first published on Instagram which was blown out into a  movement while providing others with the uniqueContinue reading “Photographer lead around the world by Girlfriend”

Ace International Photographers (Series): Martine Franck

I came across a great quote from Martine Franck that said: “What I like most about photography is the moment that you can’t anticipate: you have to be constantly watching for it, ready to welcome the unexpected.” When I delved deeper into knowing who she was and what she did to arrive at such aContinue reading “Ace International Photographers (Series): Martine Franck”

Daily Prompt: The New School

The high-resolution image is shared on my flickr page for lack of uploading limit. Please be kind enough and check the work by clicking on the below link. A Preying Photographer Submission for Daily Prompt: The New School

#Syria ready for #chemicalweapons probe by #UN

  The Syrian government has announced on Sunday that it is ready to allow United Nations inspectors currently present in Damascus to conduct their investigation. The attacks took place in areas around the Syrian capital. The opposition has accused the government of using chemical weapons against fighters and civilians five days ago. Source: WSJ, BBC

Emirates launches super luxury Private Jet service

Emirates has luxury to a whole new level by launching a private jet service to its offerings. The new service is housed in Airbus 319 aircrafts. The Dubai based airline will offer customers the benefit of their private jet experience through its Executive scheme.     The aircraft features a highly configurable cabin that canContinue reading “Emirates launches super luxury Private Jet service”

Take Cues for your HR woes from real-time data and forecast trends – The way forward in HR practices

In the latest update in field of Human Resource Management in India, companies are developing HR analytics to provide them with relevant insights into the coming attrition rate, the reasons causing such attrition, when is the best time to give salary hikes and how to retain talent within the organization.   Much of the jargonContinue reading “Take Cues for your HR woes from real-time data and forecast trends – The way forward in HR practices”

Dubai rape case: Norwegian women ‘free to go’

The Norwegian woman who was the centre of attention during a Dubai rape case dispute has been pardoned and is free to leave Dubai. Marte Deborah Dalelv (Norwegian) is the woman who had to undergo all the trouble and is actually an Interior designer who went to Dubai on a business trip in March, whenContinue reading “Dubai rape case: Norwegian women ‘free to go’”

Lesser threat to Israeli Army as tension mounts in Egypt

About the revolution it’s been said that it consumes its own children. It has been nearly two and a half years since the onset of Arab Spring when people across Arab nations came together with the basic resolve to improve the economic situation and civil liberties leading to the downfall of some Arab leaders andContinue reading “Lesser threat to Israeli Army as tension mounts in Egypt”

US regains top spot in confidence survey on FDI, beats China

US regain top spot as the top executive’s choice for FDI after a gap of 12 years. The reason behind this win for US is considered to have been its recourse towards sustainable and stable economic development in comparison to China. The United States was on fourth place in the same survey conducted in 2012. TheContinue reading “US regains top spot in confidence survey on FDI, beats China”

Intel launches Core i7-4770K with modest performance enhancements from Core i7-3770K

Intel has unveiled its new quad-core Intel Core i7-4770K in the top-end chip category based on Haswell microarchitecture. The chip is its second processor built on the 22nm process node. Even though the chip includes a number of new capabilities and enhancements and also performs relatively well in terms of CPU efficiency, but it mayContinue reading “Intel launches Core i7-4770K with modest performance enhancements from Core i7-3770K”