Cow calf saved after falling in gutter hole in Delhi


A cow calf was saved near Shahbad Dairy, Delhi after the calf fell down in a gutter hole. Delhi Fire Service and Delhi Police was prompt in taking action after receiving the information and a JCB was called on the incident site soon which dug the area around the gutter hole. The calf was pulled out from the gutter hole by pulling him out through a rope tied around the neck.


The onlookers were curious and enthusiastic about the efforts being put in for the calf’s rescue. It was fortunate enough that this time only a stray calf fell into the open gutter hole, had it been some human being, it may have lead to a bigger disaster. The question however remains that why PWD has not covered the gutter holes knowing that the area is heavily populated on both sides of the road.



Source: News Desk,

Published by Bhavesh Kumar

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