Weekly Photo Challenge: Lights

It was a rainy day in Toronto, when I noticed this beautiful Christmas tree right opposite Eaton Centre. I was just checking out the city as I am new here. The Christmas tree in this picture is made for Christmas, 2013. Submission for Weekly Photo Challenge: Lights

People’s movement against corruption divides in two camps: Team Anna and Team Arvind

What started off as an apolitical public movement against corruption was split before it could achieve its end goal of a corruption-free India. In what could have been undisputedly the most high-profile events of Indian Diaspora during recent times, Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal locked horns over their separate ideas for achieving India Against Corruption’sContinue reading “People’s movement against corruption divides in two camps: Team Anna and Team Arvind”

The Economist on “Gold Craze” in India

The Economist summed up the reason behind the gold craze of an Indian individual saying: “At the individual level, then, the gold craze makes sense. But in aggregate it is a disaster for India. Imports of bullion impose a massive strain on its balance of payments—amounting to $54 billion in the year to March 2013.”Continue reading “The Economist on “Gold Craze” in India”

Dariusz Wolski on cinematography (VIDEO)

Dariusz Adam Wolski is a Polish film and music video cinematographer. His most popular projects include working as a cinematographer on the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Source: Hybrid Vigor Film

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Here is my submission for Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers Also support our work by liking our Facebook page for regular updates.

Oops! Chris Christie does it again, shouts at teacher during Rutgers game

  We all know that Chris Christie likes to shout at people, mostly women. This time around it was the turn of a New Jersey public school teacher, who approached him with the question “Why do you portray New Jersey Public Schools as ‘failure factories?’, while Chris came to see Rutgers football game with hisContinue reading “Oops! Chris Christie does it again, shouts at teacher during Rutgers game”

#Halloween dressing up as #Boston Marathon victim turns nightmarish on #Twitter

  A 22-year-old from Michigan, Alicia Ann Lynch posted pictures of her dressed up as Boston Marathon victim for Halloween on her Instagram and Twitter accounts which made people really angry at her and didn’t thought it was funny. Apparently, the angry people got their hands on the picture of her driving license and startedContinue reading “#Halloween dressing up as #Boston Marathon victim turns nightmarish on #Twitter”

Experts caution against Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet’s claims

  Raj Talluri, a senior VP at Qualcomm made tall claims about Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet in an interview given to CNET. “It’s the only computer I have with me. It’s got a keyboard, it’s got Outlook, does Powerpoint…It’s pretty much got everything I need,” he said. However, CNET cautions against buying into this hypeContinue reading “Experts caution against Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet’s claims”

Karl Marx rejected Philosophy years ago for World Change

Following is one of the 11 theses that Karl Marx wrote as an Appendix to Engels’ Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy, 1886. You can also read the other theses here. “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.” Source: Critical Theory

Resist Racism!

“The sun is shining on you bright,   The sun is shining on you bright,   Asking us why you ever hide” ~ © Bhavesh Kumar, 2013  Back story: What propelled me to write it was a recent experience that had racist undertones to it. It got me looking out  for work done on it and IContinue reading “Resist Racism!”