AI-powered robot dog from Sony to monitor kids and elderly

With the capability to store data of maximum 10 people, the artificial intelligence powered robot dog from Sony’s stable will monitor kids and the elderly through two cameras, it makes it easier to keep an eye on your dear ones. The cameras are housed in the dog‘s nose and tail, along with numerous sensors, which are capable of detecting its owner and develop an understanding of its environment.AI powered robot dog from Sony to monitor kids and elderly-global-annal-bhavesh-kumar-journalist-security-safety.png

In order for the dog to function, the names and faces along with the map data need to be first registered following which reports pertaining to the said people can be accessed by the owner, on a real-time basis. The current robot dog from Sony is the second-generation version, which shares its legacy with a robot of the same name (AIBO) that was in production from 1999 till 2006.

The parents of unaccompanied kids and the family of elderly people with care needs set to majorly benefit from this household robot. The robot dog is designed to work with cloud-based AI and also recognizes gestures such as praise and stroking to better understand it’s owners behavior. And with the help of AI, develop such behaviors as it has learned during the period spent with its owner.

The sales for Aibo has been reassuring, with over 20000 units in the first six months of its launch since its launch in January last year. At $1800 (excluding taxes) and $821 for the three-year cloud subscription, you too could benefit from this innovative robot.

Source: AIBO, Mainichi

Donald Trump’s pick for HHS secretary has inflated insulin price thrice during last stint

Alex Azar, the man who has been picked by US President Donald Trump for the position of Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary is known to have tripled the price of Insulin in his last stint as a high-ranking executive at the pharmaceutical company Eli Lily.

Azar is succeeding Tom Price who has to resign from the position of HHS secretary after the news of him using private and government planes at the cost of taxpayer money, came to light.

If Mr Azar becomes Health and Human Services secretary, he will be overseeing a £760bn department responsible for America’s major insurance programmes, including Obamacare, public health, medical research and food and drug safety.

Insulin is a life-saving drug that is used to treat diabetes.

Source: The Independent

Delhi LG Anil Baijal has granted power of detention to the Delhi Police against anti-CAA protesters

A complaint has been registered against anti-CAA protesters for creating a blockade in Shaheen Bagh.

Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal has granted the power of detaining authority to the Delhi Police Commissioner under the National Security Act, which allows the preventive detention of an individual for months if the authorities feel that the individual is a threat to the national security, and law and order.

Source: The Quint

Legal awareness builder – How many judges of Supreme Court of India have been removed by impeachment?

No judge of the Supreme Court of India have been removed from their office through impeachment.

*This question was asked in the Uttarakhand P.C.S Civil Judge (Pre) Exam, 2008

Department of Military Affairs (of India) – Organisational Chart

Under the newly-created Department of Military Affairs headed by Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat, there will be two Joint Secretaries, 13 Deputy Secretaries and 22 Under Secretaries.

Offline channel preferred choice of CBD consumers in United Kingdom?

A survey was conducted recently to understand the distribution channels of CBD market with the central emphasis being on the product and brand offerings within the major cities.

Data points taken into consideration for this survey were captured from 140 bricks-and-mortar channels (retail points) in seven UK cities (in terms of volume), with both chain and independent businesses. The survey also analyses consumption patterns witnessed by the stores under chain retailer management in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the CBD market.


School takes Harry Potter books off library shelves over fear of curses and spells

The pastor of a Roman Catholic school in Tennessee has banished JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels from the school’s library shelves. The decision has come in the wake of Reverend Dan Reehill’s assessment of the spells and curses in the Harry Potter – which according to him is capable of conjuring evil spirits in real life.

Reverend Reehill claims he has taken the decision to outlaw all the seven volumes of Harry Potter series after consulting both the exorcists in the US as well as the Vatican.

According to the superintendent of schools for the Catholic Diocese of Nashville, Rebecca Hammel, the Catholic Church does not an official position on the Harry Potter novels at the moment. Ms. Hammel also said that the school has no intention of stopping kids from consuming any content as long the kids’ parents deem it fit to be read or seen by their kids.


Source: The Independent

Hazmat suicide at California hotel leaves staff sickened

hazmat-fairmont-hotel-california-suicide-woman-staff-sick-global-annal-bhavesh-kumar-osh-safetyEight members of Hotel Fairmont’s staff have fallen sick after exposure to poisonous chemicals. According to the San Jose fire fighting teams, the woman, who committed suicide on the 19th floor, may have used the hazardous material.

As part of the decontamination procedure, the HAZMAT teams of San Jose and Santa Clara County fire dept. have also sprayed the hotel staff with water, in case they may have been exposed to the gas in the aftermath of the suicide.

Although the HAZMAT teams couldn’t have identified the hazardous gas, the investigation about the same is carried out with the assumption that it could be a sulfur compound, based on the guests’ complaint.


Trump retracts from tax cuts in the wake of US recession fears


Trump puts off plans for tax cuts amidst changes expected in wake of US recession fears-global-annal-bhavesh-kumarAs global markets are witnessing a slowdown and ongoing trade war between US and China, on the other hand, changes in US tax policy are expected to contain the damage, which may affect the US economic outlook in the future.

After much speculation however on expected changes in the US tax policy front, President Trump has finally cleared the air and retracted on payroll tax cuts and indexing of capital gains – with none going through at the moment. The reasoning for the same has been shared to be strong economic fundamentals.

President Trump also criticized Federal Reserve Jerome Powell several times for hiking interest rates throughout 2017 and 2018, while comparing him to a golfer “who can’t putt”.

Source: CNBC

£250 fertility drips not effective, says doctors and charities

£250 fertility drips not effective says doctors and charities-global-annal-bhavesh-kumarA wellness company has been accused by fertility experts in UK of duping women with false hopes of being able to conceive a baby, using their £250 drip. The drips are being marketed with the image of a baby in the womb.

Doctors have unequivocally rubbished the claims made by GetADrip.com , which is presently being looked at as one of the popular products in the wellness industry. The said IV rehydration drips provide no benefit to women in resolving any medical condition which they may be struggling with in their efforts to conceive a baby.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas), as well as the Fertility Network UK, has raised issues such as lack of regulation being at the root of this issue – leading to exploitation of women.

Source: The Guardian

Police officials that took part in West Bengal protests to be punished by MHA on disciplinary grounds

Ministry of Home Affairs is planning to punish West Bengal police officials who have sat on protest with CM Mamata Banerjee for violation of All India Services (conduct) Rules 1968/AIS (D&A) Rules, 1969.

Disciplinary Action to be initiated against the below police officers:

-Virendra Kumar, IPS, Director General of West Bengal Police

-Vineet Kumar Goyal , IPS, Additional Director General

-Anuj Sharma, Additional Director General (law and order)

-Gyanwant Singh, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Bidhannagar

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