Strategic communications of political parties in India: A PR Perspective

Coming from a Journalism background, I was quite amazed at times, looking at the people saying and treating media and people with no insight or analysis as to how it may stand against or in their favor in the coming future. Politicians and bureaucrats in India are a great example of this behavior. Even traditionalContinue reading “Strategic communications of political parties in India: A PR Perspective”

#Microsoft is going to buy #Nokia mobile phone unit for 5.4Bn #Euros #business #globalannal #technology

  Both Microsoft and Nokia’s bosses say it’s a win-win deal for both organizations. Nokia’s Patents and Mapping services have also been licensed to Microsoft. Share prices of Nokia have jumped 45% after the news of the deal broke out. Source: BBC

Take a break – Anonymous #Art #globalannal #lifestyle

  The artist has written his message to create an imaginary illusion like it would create while holding the writing on a certain angle against the mirror. Indeed there are two sides to every story. Source: Anonymous art of revolution

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  Image Source: BBC