Is gay conversion therapy legal for minors in Germany?

The answer to this question is no, Germany has passed legislation that bans any kind of gay conversion therapy for minors (i.e. incumbents under the age of 18 years) throughout the country. Those found to be violating this law shall face imprisonment for a term of one year or could be fined with €30,000 ($32,535;Continue reading “Is gay conversion therapy legal for minors in Germany?”

Why are Germany and the US are at loggerheads in the era of Covid19?

German politicians are resisting the United States’ attempt to lure coronavirus vaccine research away from Germany into the US, in hope of gaining a monopoly over the vaccine, once it is developed. Source: Reuters

ISRAEL: Germany will, for the first time, send fighter jets to Israel to participate in a military exercise.

ISRAEL: Germany will, for the first time, send fighter jets to Israel to participate in a military exercise. Via – The Spectator Index

Testament of Youth (2015) I Trailer Release (Video)

The movie is based on the real life story of a British woman’s (Vera Brittain) autobiography (first published in 1933), who loses her fiancée (Roland Leighton) and brother (Edward) during World War prompting her to put her plans of joining Oxford University on the back burner and instead nurse (being associated with Voluntary Aid Detachment)Continue reading “Testament of Youth (2015) I Trailer Release (Video)”

Leica makes the world’s most expensive lens at $2mn

A nature or sports photographer among other things requires a lens with higher focal length in comparison to those making their living through commercial product, food or fashion portraits. Well, if you can afford to buy it then you can order a 1600mm f/5.6 Leica Lens for $2mn. The focal length on offer with thisContinue reading “Leica makes the world’s most expensive lens at $2mn”

Daily Prompt: The New School

The high-resolution image is shared on my flickr page for lack of uploading limit. Please be kind enough and check the work by clicking on the below link. A Preying Photographer Submission for Daily Prompt: The New School

Dariusz Wolski on cinematography (VIDEO)

Dariusz Adam Wolski is a Polish film and music video cinematographer. His most popular projects include working as a cinematographer on the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Source: Hybrid Vigor Film

Karl Marx rejected Philosophy years ago for World Change

Following is one of the 11 theses that Karl Marx wrote as an Appendix to Engels’ Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy, 1886. You can also read the other theses here. “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.” Source: Critical Theory

Emirates launches super luxury Private Jet service

Emirates has luxury to a whole new level by launching a private jet service to its offerings. The new service is housed in Airbus 319 aircrafts. The Dubai based airline will offer customers the benefit of their private jet experience through its Executive scheme.     The aircraft features a highly configurable cabin that canContinue reading “Emirates launches super luxury Private Jet service”

Der Spiegel report alleges US of spying on key EU offices

German magazine Der Spiegel has alleged US of spying on core EU premises in New York and Washington in one of its report, citing a secret 2010 document. The head of European Parliament has demanded “full clarification” from the US over the report alleging America bugging key EU premises. Martin Schulz said that if theContinue reading “Der Spiegel report alleges US of spying on key EU offices”