Expanding the horizons of secure communication, Chinese scientists have successfully tested quantum entanglement over unparalleled distances using their experimental satellite launched last year. The satellite had distributed entangled pair of photons to three different terrestrial base stations on ground each separated by 1,200 kilometres. With the test, China has established itself as the front-runner inContinue reading “SECURING COMMUNICATION CHANNELS OF THE FUTURE THROUGH UNHACKABLE QUANTAM NETWORKS”

What propelled ARM Processors Popularity to Intel?

Following decades of R&D, thanks to ARM’s ability to design low-power consuming processors coupled while also being mobility enhancing, almost all smartphones including Apple features them. What differentiates ARM from Intel is the fact they do not tell partner companies what to make and lets them take a decision on how they would like toContinue reading “What propelled ARM Processors Popularity to Intel?”

What is the secret behind flattering media coverage of Apple’s products?

  The secret of the flattering coverage that Apple’s products received in the past decade was the aggressive PR (Public Relations) efforts of the erstwhile CEO Steve Jobs. Back in the day, Jobs used to personally call important journalists and either mesmerized them or dominated them which is a well-known fact inside the media. SuchContinue reading “What is the secret behind flattering media coverage of Apple’s products?”

The notion of not going for an MBA degree after turning entrepreneur could be damaging

In an article published in the Bloomberg Businessweek, Scott Rostan has mulled over an idea that how not having an MBA degree has kept entrepreneurs of some of the startups like WhatsApp, Tumblr from guiding it towards its prime themselves, while also evaluating the decision of Snapchat’s entrepreneur Evan Spiegel of putting down the $3bnContinue reading “The notion of not going for an MBA degree after turning entrepreneur could be damaging”

Street Photography : Kid on a bicycle

Well this kid (Aman) is a rockstar, he sat there patiently on his bicycle while I was clicking him from all nooks and corners. Following the shoot he was really enthused about checking the results on my cam and told me about some of the shots he liked most. Here’s one of them for youContinue reading “Street Photography : Kid on a bicycle”

Latest News/Update on Microsoft (Live Blog)

16 March, 2014: Microsoft seeks legal help in US against piracy in emerging markets Microsoft has succeeded in getting Attorneys general of states like Lousiana and Oklahoma in its efforts to secure payments from unlicensed users in China and other emerging markets. Earlier Attorneys-general did not take active interest in overseas issues concerning companies. Microsoft managedContinue reading “Latest News/Update on Microsoft (Live Blog)”

Ace International Photographers (Series): Martine Franck

I came across a great quote from Martine Franck that said: “What I like most about photography is the moment that you can’t anticipate: you have to be constantly watching for it, ready to welcome the unexpected.” When I delved deeper into knowing who she was and what she did to arrive at such aContinue reading “Ace International Photographers (Series): Martine Franck”

Daily Prompt: The New School

The high-resolution image is shared on my flickr page for lack of uploading limit. Please be kind enough and check the work by clicking on the below link. A Preying Photographer Submission for Daily Prompt: The New School

Oops! Chris Christie does it again, shouts at teacher during Rutgers game

  We all know that Chris Christie likes to shout at people, mostly women. This time around it was the turn of a New Jersey public school teacher, who approached him with the question “Why do you portray New Jersey Public Schools as ‘failure factories?’, while Chris came to see Rutgers football game with hisContinue reading “Oops! Chris Christie does it again, shouts at teacher during Rutgers game”

#Halloween dressing up as #Boston Marathon victim turns nightmarish on #Twitter

  A 22-year-old from Michigan, Alicia Ann Lynch posted pictures of her dressed up as Boston Marathon victim for Halloween on her Instagram and Twitter accounts which made people really angry at her and didn’t thought it was funny. Apparently, the angry people got their hands on the picture of her driving license and startedContinue reading “#Halloween dressing up as #Boston Marathon victim turns nightmarish on #Twitter”