Resist Racism!

“The sun is shining on you bright,   The sun is shining on you bright,   Asking us why you ever hide” ~ © Bhavesh Kumar, 2013  Back story: What propelled me to write it was a recent experience that had racist undertones to it. It got me looking out  for work done on it and IContinue reading “Resist Racism!”

Take a break – Anonymous #Art #globalannal #lifestyle

  The artist has written his message to create an imaginary illusion like it would create while holding the writing on a certain angle against the mirror. Indeed there are two sides to every story. Source: Anonymous art of revolution

Art and Photography: The Storyteller by Jeannette Oerlemans

  Photographer: Jeannette Oerlemans

3-year-old turns photographer and exhibits his pictures (VIDEO)

  Photography like any other art form can be best done with practise but with age on your side you can leave many behind. The same stands true for 3-year-old Onafujiri Remet of Lagos, Nigeria. The kid already has the honor of having his first exhibition. Onafujiri got his first camera when he was barelyContinue reading “3-year-old turns photographer and exhibits his pictures (VIDEO)”

Interesting environment graffiti picture shared by Indian Rock Band Tatva Kundalini

This picture of the wall graffiti was clicked by an Indie Rock Band Tatva Kundalini on their last trip to Dehradun, India. I found it interesting and so shared it here for you. Source: Tatva Kundalini  

First artwork from latest 2012 painting collection of Quebec based painter Daniel Barkley revealed

-Daniel Barkley latest artwork- Study for Brother’s Keeper, 2012, 50 x 76 cm, watercolor on paper -Daniel Barkley is a painter born in Montreal in 1962 and has got his Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University. He has been painting for almost twenty years now and is known to have a shocking valueContinue reading “First artwork from latest 2012 painting collection of Quebec based painter Daniel Barkley revealed”

Italian artist stuns with photograph like looking (Photorealistic) artwork

DiegoKoi, an Italian artist has created Photorealistic drawings that looks exactly like a photograph The drawing is created by using just pencils It took the artist 200 hours to complete artwork. It happens to be realistic portrait of girl under shower Source: Toxel

Dubai Marina Birds-eye view Photograph Review

This picture is taken from facebook page of Do Dalky and the simple reason why I am sharing this with my blog readers is to absorb the emotion behind the picture. As the picture captures details of Dubai skyline, the region is breathtaking in the picture. The light entering from left side of the frameContinue reading “Dubai Marina Birds-eye view Photograph Review”

Elementary school art teacher Adonna Khare wins $200,000 ArtPrize 2012 for huge mural called “Elephants”

It’s a total treat for art lovers spread all over the world, the moment you see the Adonna Khare mural, I am sure that you couldn’t restrain yourself from loving this one hell of a art piece created by nothing else but a pencil. For those of us who think that they can elude artContinue reading “Elementary school art teacher Adonna Khare wins $200,000 ArtPrize 2012 for huge mural called “Elephants””