Oops! Chris Christie does it again, shouts at teacher during Rutgers game

Oops! Chris Christie does it again, shouts at teacher during Rutgers game-global-annal


We all know that Chris Christie likes to shout at people, mostly women. This time around it was the turn of a New Jersey public school teacher, who approached him with the question “Why do you portray New Jersey Public Schools as ‘failure factories?’, while Chris came to see Rutgers football game with his wife. Interestingly, his wife could be seen smiling in the picture that was taken and tweeted later by a person standing by them.

The teacher said that although she was shaking when Chris jabbed his finger at her but she is proud of herself at asking the question and facing his wrath.

The reason behind this arrogance from Chris is believed to his almost certain victory as governor on Tuesday. What a pity, when elected representatives behave with such rudeness towards their constituents.

Source: Daily Kos

Published by Bhavesh Kumar

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