Resist Racism!


“The sun is shining on you bright,

  The sun is shining on you bright,

  Asking us why you ever hide” ~ © Bhavesh Kumar, 2013

 Back story: What propelled me to write it was a recent experience that had racist undertones to it. It got me looking out  for work done on it and I got something that clearly proclaims it’s presence in Canada. Following is that quote:

“As far as Aboriginal people are concerned, racism in Canadian society continues to share our lives institutionally, systematically and individually. The Aboriginal Justice Inquiry in Manitoba, the Donald Marshall Inquiry in Nova Scotia, the Cawsey Report in Alberta and the Royal Commission of Aboriginal People all agree.” ~ Phil Fontaine, National Chief, Assembly of First Nations #InstitutionalRacism #Canada #Aborigines#CivilRights #HumanRights


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