#Microsoft is going to buy #Nokia mobile phone unit for 5.4Bn #Euros #business #globalannal #technology

  Both Microsoft and Nokia’s bosses say it’s a win-win deal for both organizations. Nokia’s Patents and Mapping services have also been licensed to Microsoft. Share prices of Nokia have jumped 45% after the news of the deal broke out. Source: BBC

Protests over austerity measures turned violent in Greece

Right at the moment when massive salary and pensions cuts were being discussed between the Greek government and international lenders, protests begin in central Athens over the issue. The protests are part of the nationwide strike being called by the trade unions in Greece. The protest is first to have taken place after swearing inContinue reading “Protests over austerity measures turned violent in Greece”

Worsening job situation in Spain

Spain has been performing quite consistently poor on the job front in the Eurozone from the past few days. The recent report from Eurostat reveals that there are as much as one out of every four person from Spain is unemployed. For younger members of the workforce, the situation is even worse as unemployment forContinue reading “Worsening job situation in Spain”