AI poised to lend fillip to the digital fitness industry

The smart recommendation algorithm introduced by Amazon (as part of its larger AI strategy) was successful in giving their customers an experience of personalized shopping. This veritable technological innovation revolutionized consumerism and the rest is history.  But the billion dollar question is can artificial intelligence be a catalyst for disruption in the fitness industry? Going by the statistics, the answer seems yes, with AI turning out to be the game changer in the long fought bulge battle millions take on everyday.

As per SMERGERS investment banking platform, at present the net worth of fitness industry in India is Rs 4,500 crore and it is expected to touch Rs 7,000 crore by the end of 2017. Increased digital penetration, customized fitness solutions, growing interest in health and fitness are among the numerous reasons which promise a bright future for digital fitness start-ups in India.

AI paired up with machine learning has evolved fitness apps to provide online fitness goal tracking, counselling, customized diet plans and exercise routines rather than just offering basic features like calorie counting, tracking the steps or running time. Further, some apps even provide features like group chats helping members to connect with others sharing similar fitness goals and also hire trainers and dieticians.

The story doesn’t end here; it has just begun with AI bringing a paradigm shift in communication between the app and user. AI solutions are capable of screening the data provided by the members and extract the relevant details, which in turn is used to provide suggestions to the trainers or to create an excellent personalized meal plan. This feature has helped tremendously in improving the efficiency as much as 400%.

With fitness becoming the existential mantra, the start-ups hardly face any challenges in getting users to pay for their services. The main consideration for the organizations will be to offer high quality training and enhancing the customer experience by taking care of their needs, concerns and grievances. Another concern that also needs timely intervention is to keep the driving force alive in members and not to drop the ball on their fitness goal before achieving the desired result.

Source: Economic Times

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