#Syria ready for #chemicalweapons probe by #UN

  The Syrian government has announced on Sunday that it is ready to allow United Nations inspectors currently present in Damascus to conduct their investigation. The attacks took place in areas around the Syrian capital. The opposition has accused the government of using chemical weapons against fighters and civilians five days ago. Source: WSJ, BBC

Nook HD and HD+ update to add Google Play store access

The Nook tablets range contains several solid Android devices. The only problem remained until now was related to the limited app store created by Barnes & Noble. The problem is going to end now with software update which is going to include full access to the Google Play store and all its apps to theContinue reading “Nook HD and HD+ update to add Google Play store access”

Stock Markets upbeat after Cyprus Bailout news breaks-out

Stock markets, globally, have exuded confidence after Cyprus has agreed on adopting the supposed measures critical for saving its economy as well as dissociating itself from the European Union. The development wasn’t taken up sportingly by all the European countries, where Germany welcomed the decision, Russia had concerns over the possible problems that it shallContinue reading “Stock Markets upbeat after Cyprus Bailout news breaks-out”