Assange’s prosecution likely after Manning’s conviction on espionage charges

The likelihood of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s prosecution by the United States as a co-conspirator has moved a step closer following the conviction of Army private, Bradley Manning on espionage charges on Tuesday. The view is shared by his attorney and civil liberties groups alike. Manning is found guilty of numerous violations under Espionage ActContinue reading “Assange’s prosecution likely after Manning’s conviction on espionage charges”

Julian Assange gets political asylum from Ecuador

  WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange got political asylum from the government of Ecuador on Thurday. The diplomatic ties between England and Ecuador have complicated following the grant of asylum. Assange had been staying in the Ecuadorian embassy in London from past few days to avoid being cornered and extradited by the London Police to Sweden onContinue reading “Julian Assange gets political asylum from Ecuador”