Susan Boyle tells newspaper about Asperger’s diagnosis

Susan Boyle told the Observer newspaper that she has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. Boyle feels relieved of the diagnosis after she saw a specialist last year and also got to know that she has an above-average IQ apart from having the Asperger’s syndrome. Boyle had been facing learning difficulties everContinue reading “Susan Boyle tells newspaper about Asperger’s diagnosis”

5 must know facts about the latest Hollywood release “Les Miserables”

The latest Hollywood movie Les Miserables is based on the longest running stage musical called “Cats”. Since 1985 the musical has been staged in 42 countries in 21 different languages reaching a sum total of 60 Million people. The movie’s director Tom Hooper is an Oscar winning director from “The King’s Speech” fame. In theContinue reading “5 must know facts about the latest Hollywood release “Les Miserables””