Photographer lead around the world by Girlfriend

The series was shot by Russian photographer Murad Osmann and his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova in an ongoing project called Follow Me. Each photograph has the hand of photographer Osmann and back of his girlfriend Zakharova. The pictures were first published on Instagram which was blown out into a  movement while providing others with the uniqueContinue reading “Photographer lead around the world by Girlfriend”

Elle magazine Spain features Bar Refaeli by Juan Aldabaldretecu in August 2013

Bar Refaeli stuns with her latest photo shoot she got clicked recently for Elle Magazine Spain’s August 2013 issue. Photographer Juan Aldabaldretecu has done a wonderful job in enhancing Refaeli’s features. Refaeli’s styling was done by Inmaculada Jiménez for the sizzling photo shoot. Source: Fashion Berry, COF

Workers staging protests all over Europe against Austerity

    Workers in European Union are rebelling by carrying out a number of protests against the rising unemployment and austerity measures adoption. Organizers of the strike are asking the authorities to take back the austerity measures and tackle with the anxiety that is growing amongst its people. The Strikes may affect Spain, Greece, Italy,Continue reading “Workers staging protests all over Europe against Austerity”

Banking Union to help achieve economic integration of European Union faster says French President Francois Hollande

French President Francis Hollande said in the ongoing EU summit in Brussels that by creating a new banking union in Europe by 1st Jan. In the opinion of French leaders it will help achieve economic integration within Europe at faster rate. Francis Hollande said, “Thanks to this we can advance more quickly and with moreContinue reading “Banking Union to help achieve economic integration of European Union faster says French President Francois Hollande”

Protests over austerity measures turned violent in Greece

Right at the moment when massive salary and pensions cuts were being discussed between the Greek government and international lenders, protests begin in central Athens over the issue. The protests are part of the nationwide strike being called by the trade unions in Greece. The protest is first to have taken place after swearing inContinue reading “Protests over austerity measures turned violent in Greece”

Worsening job situation in Spain

Spain has been performing quite consistently poor on the job front in the Eurozone from the past few days. The recent report from Eurostat reveals that there are as much as one out of every four person from Spain is unemployed. For younger members of the workforce, the situation is even worse as unemployment forContinue reading “Worsening job situation in Spain”