CAR government agrees to talk to rebels

Government of Central African Republic (CAR) has agreed to talk to rebels after protests have carried on in the region for well over weeks now. The talk is scheduled to take place within a few days time at Libreville, Gabon. The situation of government in CAR is so weak that they have no pre-conditions in order toContinue reading “CAR government agrees to talk to rebels”

United States approves Patriot missiles deployment on Syria-Turkey border

The United States on Friday approved deployment of two Patriot anti-ballistic missile batteries and 400 US troops to operate them on Syria-Turkey Border as the Syrian Government once again denied allegations of firing ballistic missiles at rebels. Syria is accused by US government that they have fired Scud-type artillery on rebels in northern part ofContinue reading “United States approves Patriot missiles deployment on Syria-Turkey border”

Government forces kills 23 rebels near Damascus

The rebel controlled town near Damascus was attacked by Government forces on Tuesday. According to an activist group as much as 23 rebels and one rebel spokesman lost his life during the attack. On Monday, a Japanese reporter was also killed in one of such attacks   on Aleppo. The Japanese reporter was the first foreignContinue reading “Government forces kills 23 rebels near Damascus”