Top Entertainment News of the Day

1.Duck Dynasty: The culture war on A&E’s reality show “Duck Dynasty” is about to escalate with the return of Phil Robertson. Robertson is returning after being suspended from the show for expressing racist opinions and  anti-gay stance in the interview given to GQ. 2.Pop star Beyonce’s use of the audio clip from Space shuttle Challenger’sContinue reading “Top Entertainment News of the Day”

Racist houseguest exposed al last by Big Boss 15

Big Brother 15 has taken allegations for not exposing its racist and homophobic house guests by finally exposing one of its most infamous players on Sunday. As it is widely known that several players have been guilty of making objectionable comments last week, but Big Boss mainly focussed on Aaryn Gries, 22, after she wasContinue reading “Racist houseguest exposed al last by Big Boss 15”