Why did planes kept flying over Ukraine even after it was crisis hit?

After the news of Malaysian Airlines jet that was carrying 298 people was shot down by a surface-to-air missile yesterday in Eastern Ukraine, you must be asking yourself that the country has been crisis torn for months and yet International airlines did not took the precaution of avoiding the risky route. Well, following are aContinue reading “Why did planes kept flying over Ukraine even after it was crisis hit?”

Art and Photography: The Storyteller by Jeannette Oerlemans

  Photographer: Jeannette Oerlemans

Softcore Erotic movie “Emmanuelle” actress Sylvia Kristel dies

Legendary Dutch Actress Sylvia Kristel of softporn erotic film “Emmanuelle” died while battling it out with cancer in an Amsterdam Hospital. Sylvia Kristel was admitted to hospital in July after going through a heart stroke and was recuperating in the hospital ever since. Her agent Marieke Verharen said, “She died during the night in herContinue reading “Softcore Erotic movie “Emmanuelle” actress Sylvia Kristel dies”

European Union’s outlook changed from “stable” to “negative” by Moody

Credit Rating agency Moody has downgraded the rating for European Union to “negative” in the Aaa category as a result of downgrading some of the major economies falling in the league. The statement from Moody’s announcing the decision reads, “The negative outlook on the EU’s long-term ratings reflects the negative outlook on the Aaa ratingsContinue reading “European Union’s outlook changed from “stable” to “negative” by Moody”