Yash Chopra: The “real” king of Romance passes away

One of the most famous romantic directors of Bollywood of all time, Mr. Yash Chopra is no more. He was admitted to Lilavati hospital on 13th October due to dengue infection according to news airing on TV. Contrary to what made Yash Chopra popular, he had also made action dramas that also did well onContinue reading “Yash Chopra: The “real” king of Romance passes away”

Is this the feeling called Love?

Some of us are lucky to have known who they like and with whom their likeability has transformed into something subtler, that many people prefer to call it love. I always knew the kinds of people that I would think about being involved with at a personal level. I always try and draw a clearContinue reading “Is this the feeling called Love?”