Testament of Youth (2015) I Trailer Release (Video)

The movie is based on the real life story of a British woman’s (Vera Brittain) autobiography (first published in 1933), who loses her fiancée (Roland Leighton) and brother (Edward) during World War prompting her to put her plans of joining Oxford University on the back burner and instead nurse (being associated with Voluntary Aid Detachment)Continue reading “Testament of Youth (2015) I Trailer Release (Video)”

Journalists targeted by both authorities and rebels in Syria: Amnesty International

It hasn’t been easy for several journalists reporting on human rights issues from Syria. They have been working in extremely difficult circumstances under the risk of getting killed, arbitrarily arrested, detained, forced disappearances and torture. The said circumstances have been present in Syria from the last two years. The said information has been shared by Amnesty InternationalContinue reading “Journalists targeted by both authorities and rebels in Syria: Amnesty International”