Innocence of Muslims protest reaches Pakistan

Diplomatic stations all over the world are facing the wrath of Muslim population and had to remain closed on Friday as part of a security measure. The reason for launch of protests though have another incident added to the list apart from the Prophet Mohammed denigrating movie to the cartoons denigrating the Prophet published inContinue reading “Innocence of Muslims protest reaches Pakistan”

“Innocence of Muslims” director is in custody of Federal agencies

It was barely a week of searching jobs via Craiglists for Lily Dionne when she got a call for auditioning in the action-adventure film “Desert Warrior”. Now after having acted in the film, it is dawning upon Dionne what it all meant. It isn’t as if doubts didn’t arise in Dionne’s mind even when sheContinue reading ““Innocence of Muslims” director is in custody of Federal agencies”