Thousands come out to witness the rare total solar eclipse in Australia

A huge crowd (thousands of them) has flocked to Australia to witness the rare sight of a total solar eclipse. The crowd included everyone ranging from tourists to astronomers. Terry Cuttie of Astronomical Association of Queensland says, “Immediately before, I was thinking, ‘Are we gonna see this?’ And we just had a fantastic display –Continue reading “Thousands come out to witness the rare total solar eclipse in Australia”

Softcore Erotic movie “Emmanuelle” actress Sylvia Kristel dies

Legendary Dutch Actress Sylvia Kristel of softporn erotic film “Emmanuelle” died while battling it out with cancer in an Amsterdam Hospital. Sylvia Kristel was admitted to hospital in July after going through a heart stroke and was recuperating in the hospital ever since. Her agent Marieke Verharen said, “She died during the night in herContinue reading “Softcore Erotic movie “Emmanuelle” actress Sylvia Kristel dies”

Pakistan’s woes and India’s Expectations

India has always had a great deal to expect from the neighbor with whom it shares third largest border after Bangladesh and China. Not to mention that India enjoys a warm relationship with its other two neighbors but that is not the area of focus in this article. For Pakistan to become a dreaded neighborContinue reading “Pakistan’s woes and India’s Expectations”