Maharatra Politics suffers blow as Bal Thackeray passes away

The recent demise of Bal Thackeray at age 86 in his home in Matoshri has left a vacuum in Indian Politics. Words alone cannot circumscribe his role in Maharashtra Politics. Milestones in Bal Thackeray’s life: Born on 23rd January, 1923 Begin his career from working as a cartoonist for an English newspaper (The Free Press Journal), StartedContinue reading “Maharatra Politics suffers blow as Bal Thackeray passes away”

Pakistan’s woes and India’s Expectations

India has always had a great deal to expect from the neighbor with whom it shares third largest border after Bangladesh and China. Not to mention that India enjoys a warm relationship with its other two neighbors but that is not the area of focus in this article. For Pakistan to become a dreaded neighborContinue reading “Pakistan’s woes and India’s Expectations”