Emirates launches super luxury Private Jet service

Emirates has luxury to a whole new level by launching a private jet service to its offerings. The new service is housed in Airbus 319 aircrafts. The Dubai based airline will offer customers the benefit of their private jet experience through its Executive scheme.     The aircraft features a highly configurable cabin that canContinue reading “Emirates launches super luxury Private Jet service”

Dubai Police get its hands-on Ferrari after adding Lamborghini to its fleet

The ultra-rich Dubai police disclosed its latest acquisition which happens to be none other than a Ferrari luxury sports car. This has been provided to the police so as to enhance their patrolling abilities. The acquisition came after a week the Lamborghini sports car was added to its fleet of vehicles. The announcement was madeContinue reading “Dubai Police get its hands-on Ferrari after adding Lamborghini to its fleet”

Dubai Marina Birds-eye view Photograph Review

This picture is taken from facebook page of Do Dalky and the simple reason why I am sharing this with my blog readers is to absorb the emotion behind the picture. As the picture captures details of Dubai skyline, the region is breathtaking in the picture. The light entering from left side of the frameContinue reading “Dubai Marina Birds-eye view Photograph Review”