Lindsay Lohan averts wardrobe malfunction in Brazil

Lindsay Lohan barely managed to avoid another controversy concerning her by not letting her wardrobe malfunction to be disastrous. It was all about to hang out of her clothes while she was busy globetrotting. This could have been a second controversy after people saw her wacko hide-and-seek while hiding under the table in a Brazilian club.Continue reading “Lindsay Lohan averts wardrobe malfunction in Brazil”

What made Eric Daman click as a designer in “Gossip Girl” television series

You do not need to be a “Gossip Girl” fan to know the kind of the change that it brought to the fashion scene across the world. Its impact may also be gauged by the popularity gained by a particular fashion accessory instantly. Yes we are talking about the exquisite “Hair Bands” designed by DamanContinue reading “What made Eric Daman click as a designer in “Gossip Girl” television series”