Pro-China promoting curriculum taken back in Hong Kong

Plans of Chinese Government to introduce Chinese civic subject compulsorily into the Hong Kong educational system has been rejected by the Hong-Kong government officials saying the move is inspired of promoting mainland agenda into their territory. (The picture above is that of a protester at government headquarters in Hong Kong signalling his protest over Pro-Chinese supported curriculumContinue reading “Pro-China promoting curriculum taken back in Hong Kong”

Fashion trends brought by “The Vampire Diaries” this fall

Leigh Leverett ventured into the field of designing with teen shows that set up the path for the future shows to follow like “Dawson’s Creek” and “One Tree Hill”.  Presently the designer is however working for the show “The Vampire Diaries” and has turned out be an experience that helped the designer for the better.Continue reading “Fashion trends brought by “The Vampire Diaries” this fall”

What made Eric Daman click as a designer in “Gossip Girl” television series

You do not need to be a “Gossip Girl” fan to know the kind of the change that it brought to the fashion scene across the world. Its impact may also be gauged by the popularity gained by a particular fashion accessory instantly. Yes we are talking about the exquisite “Hair Bands” designed by DamanContinue reading “What made Eric Daman click as a designer in “Gossip Girl” television series”

Michael Duncan Clarke’s death was natural

Causes responsible for Michael Duncan Clarke’s death were natural according to a US coroner. Duncan breathed his last at Cedars-Sinai medical centre in Los Angeles. Michael suffered from a heart attack in July and could not recuperate from it till his last breath. The Armageddon co-star of the actor, Bruce Willis said, “a great humanContinue reading “Michael Duncan Clarke’s death was natural”

Jill Ohanneson on her “Revenge” designing experience

Mercedes Benz fashion week has much to offer to not just the prospective buyers but designers too after it kick starts in the New York this fall season. People who are really interested in Fashion now have more to look forward to with the “Revenge” television series on ABC where characters are dressed by HollywoodContinue reading “Jill Ohanneson on her “Revenge” designing experience”

MC Hammer remembers Michael Duncan Clarke as “a gentle giant”

The green mile actor, Michael Duncan Clarke died on 3rd September after suffering a heart attack on 23rd July. A representative from the family said that Duncan could never really recover from the blow that his body had to go through due to heart attack. The role of Bear played by Duncan in the 1998Continue reading “MC Hammer remembers Michael Duncan Clarke as “a gentle giant””

European Union’s outlook changed from “stable” to “negative” by Moody

Credit Rating agency Moody has downgraded the rating for European Union to “negative” in the Aaa category as a result of downgrading some of the major economies falling in the league. The statement from Moody’s announcing the decision reads, “The negative outlook on the EU’s long-term ratings reflects the negative outlook on the Aaa ratingsContinue reading “European Union’s outlook changed from “stable” to “negative” by Moody”