COVID-19 infection may cause thyroid disease: case study

Patients with COVID-19 may develop an inflammatory thyroid disease called subacute thyroiditis – which causes neck pain and upper tract respiratory infection, according to a new case study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. The said case has emerged in a 18-year-old woman from the University Hospital of Pisa, Italy. Read more

How should the US prepare for the second wave of coronavirus infections?

As coronavirus struck the world, nobody had any clue about how to deal with this menace. However, when the information started pouring in, poor response and administrative delay made it hard to contain the spread of this deadly virus. As many countries have now faced this pandemic and are now aware of the numerous waysContinue reading “How should the US prepare for the second wave of coronavirus infections?”

Why are Germany and the US are at loggerheads in the era of Covid19?

German politicians are resisting the United States’ attempt to lure coronavirus vaccine research away from Germany into the US, in hope of gaining a monopoly over the vaccine, once it is developed. Source: Reuters