Voters hopeless on the eve of US Senate elections

Voters in the US Senate elections are not optimistic even though the economy improved with six months of growth, gasoline below $3/gallon for the first time in last four years and considerable deficit reduction. However, voters are tired from economic struggles and threats posed by the Islamic State and the spread of Ebola virus. AsContinue reading “Voters hopeless on the eve of US Senate elections”

Hundreds evacuate homes as Wildfire reaches California coast

A wind-driven wildfire is spreading by the California coast north of Los Angeles prompting hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. Evacuations have also been ordered in case of university campus including several farm buildings and recreational vehicles are also under threat as the wildfire also surrounded them. Source: Reuters, LATimes, CBS, Bloomberg, CBS 8

Real Heroes honored: There’s always a ray of hope out there

Maintaining the dignity and honor of any community cannot be achieved by lip service alone. Empty claims soon reveal the intention of people making them and even the people who hears these claims and still don’t bother to take a step ahead, even after realizing the truth behind these claims. For those who do, theyContinue reading “Real Heroes honored: There’s always a ray of hope out there”