Women caught on Spanish Airport for carrying drugs in breast implants

A Women (Panamanian citizen) caught on Spanish Airport (El Prata) for carrying drugs (Cocaine) in her breast implants. The reasons given by this woman to security agents at airport security check were quite vague which aroused suspicion in them. Another reason that became responsible for her busting was the fact that she has come toContinue reading “Women caught on Spanish Airport for carrying drugs in breast implants”

Softcore Erotic movie “Emmanuelle” actress Sylvia Kristel dies

Legendary Dutch Actress Sylvia Kristel of softporn erotic film “Emmanuelle” died while battling it out with cancer in an Amsterdam Hospital. Sylvia Kristel was admitted to hospital in July after going through a heart stroke and was recuperating in the hospital ever since. Her agent Marieke Verharen said, “She died during the night in herContinue reading “Softcore Erotic movie “Emmanuelle” actress Sylvia Kristel dies”