Hundreds evacuate homes as Wildfire reaches California coast

A wind-driven wildfire is spreading by the California coast north of Los Angeles prompting hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. Evacuations have also been ordered in case of university campus including several farm buildings and recreational vehicles are also under threat as the wildfire also surrounded them. Source: Reuters, LATimes, CBS, Bloomberg, CBS 8

Bond Purchases to be raised by Bank of Japan as Kuroda takes over control

The newly appointed Governor Haruhiko Kuroda has begun initiatives to end 15 years of deflation by doubling the quantity of monthly bond purchases to reach 2 percent inflation within two years. As Kuroda presided over his first meeting since swearing in the office last month, the board today rationalized its asset purchase programs and temporarilyContinue reading “Bond Purchases to be raised by Bank of Japan as Kuroda takes over control”

Worsening job situation in Spain

Spain has been performing quite consistently poor on the job front in the Eurozone from the past few days. The recent report from Eurostat reveals that there are as much as one out of every four person from Spain is unemployed. For younger members of the workforce, the situation is even worse as unemployment forContinue reading “Worsening job situation in Spain”