Photographer lead around the world by Girlfriend

The series was shot by Russian photographer Murad Osmann and his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova in an ongoing project called Follow Me. Each photograph has the hand of photographer Osmann and back of his girlfriend Zakharova. The pictures were first published on Instagram which was blown out into a  movement while providing others with the uniqueContinue reading “Photographer lead around the world by Girlfriend”

Second suspect in Boston Marathon Blasts arrested by police

It has been four days to Boston Marathon blasts that led to the killing of three and injured 176. On Friday night, the people of Watertown, a Boston suburb, cheered for everyone in a police cruiser, SWAT car and unmarked car for capturing one of two brothers involved in the blasts. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, wasContinue reading “Second suspect in Boston Marathon Blasts arrested by police”

Women caught on Spanish Airport for carrying drugs in breast implants

A Women (Panamanian citizen) caught on Spanish Airport (El Prata) for carrying drugs (Cocaine) in her breast implants. The reasons given by this woman to security agents at airport security check were quite vague which aroused suspicion in them. Another reason that became responsible for her busting was the fact that she has come toContinue reading “Women caught on Spanish Airport for carrying drugs in breast implants”