Aakash Tablets may reach you sooner as Datawind announces production ramp-up

The news of Aakash Tablet was a music to the ears of every technology lover. Such affordability and simplicity has seldom benefitted the technology world. What made this a greater accomplishment was because of its projected use in schools and higher education institutions but the demand created for Aakash Tablet partly because of its affordableContinue reading “Aakash Tablets may reach you sooner as Datawind announces production ramp-up”

Pakistan’s woes and India’s Expectations

India has always had a great deal to expect from the neighbor with whom it shares third largest border after Bangladesh and China. Not to mention that India enjoys a warm relationship with its other two neighbors but that is not the area of focus in this article. For Pakistan to become a dreaded neighborContinue reading “Pakistan’s woes and India’s Expectations”