Julian Assange gets political asylum from Ecuador

  WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange got political asylum from the government of Ecuador on Thurday. The diplomatic ties between England and Ecuador have complicated following the grant of asylum. Assange had been staying in the Ecuadorian embassy in London from past few days to avoid being cornered and extradited by the London Police to Sweden onContinue reading “Julian Assange gets political asylum from Ecuador”

India after 65 years of Independence: The way forward

On 15th August, 2012 India completed its 65 years of Independence. In the journey so far, India has seen lots of ups and downs, the war with China and Pakistan in 65’ and 71’ has seen a country fighting for its dignity when it didn’t have much resources to back such an unproductive and destructiveContinue reading “India after 65 years of Independence: The way forward”

Panetta accuses Taliban of deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan

  US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said that Taliban is behind the recent spurt of violence occurring in Afghanistan. Taliban is trying to disturb the law and order situation according to Panetta because of its frustration over not being able to acquire any part of its lost territory. Mr. Panetta shared his opinion over theContinue reading “Panetta accuses Taliban of deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan”

Caravan initiated to end US supported Drug War

On 12th August, 2012 people on foot and on vehicles are both going to begin their journey from the Tijuana–San Diego border for a social cause. The excursion is undertaken as part of the newly constituted peace movement to put an end to US supported drug war. This caravan is going to visit as muchContinue reading “Caravan initiated to end US supported Drug War”

Experts from different fields get a chance to take Ford Classic on a road trip

“One Tank, One Classic Story.1500 Kms” is the latest event organized by Ford India. As many as 9 teams will embark on places of their choice during this trip. Experts belonging to the areas of Music, Bollywood, Fashion, Art, Photography, Cricket, Food, Technology etc. are the ones that are going to take part in thisContinue reading “Experts from different fields get a chance to take Ford Classic on a road trip”

Breathe in a bit of “Unknown”

Some people after attaining a certain age make up an opinion that there’s nothing new for them to see, experience or feel. But, they fail to understand the unpredictability, complexity and the capability of life to catch one off-guard. It is not for people like these that I am writing this blog but It’s forContinue reading “Breathe in a bit of “Unknown””