How being introverts helped these two celebrities excel professionally?

Both #AudreyHepburn and #Einstein were introverts who placed high value on working with intensity & didn’t follow any trends. The said traits are associated with introvert personalities. Source: CS Monitor

Stay hungry; stay foolish – How relevant is the Steve Jobs Stanford speech for graduating students today?

Convocation’s are special for graduating students for more than one reason; as it’s the final day for students in the imaginative corridors of their learning temples away from the harsh reality of outside world. Summarizing this harshness and sharing insights on how best to address these challenges is the best way for an educational institutionContinue reading “Stay hungry; stay foolish – How relevant is the Steve Jobs Stanford speech for graduating students today?”

Explore yourself through language of colours

A successful project requires a perfect mix of several colors. Confused! As to what does colors have to do with a project, well this is what we realized during a workshop titled “True Colors”. We began our journey through True Colors by filling out its questionnaire and a fun presentation later which gave us anContinue reading “Explore yourself through language of colours”

Management Insights: Failure should be used in corporations to fuel innovation

With the increasing competition in Business, innovation has become the key driving force, world over. However, in order to continue to innovate successful products, one needs to tide over failures and stop thinking of it as something to be detested. Baba Shiv, Sanwa Bank, Limited, Professor of Marketing believes in the concept and promotes itContinue reading “Management Insights: Failure should be used in corporations to fuel innovation”

Interesting environment graffiti picture shared by Indian Rock Band Tatva Kundalini

This picture of the wall graffiti was clicked by an Indie Rock Band Tatva Kundalini on their last trip to Dehradun, India. I found it interesting and so shared it here for you. Source: Tatva Kundalini  

What does Christopher Morley thinks of books?

“When you sell a man a book you don’t sell just twelve ounces of paper and ink and glue- you sell him a whole new life. Love and friendship and humor and ships at sea by night- there’s all heaven and earth in a book, a real book.” – Chirstopher Morley Source: Christopher Morley LiteraryContinue reading “What does Christopher Morley thinks of books?”

Connect with the infinite energy source within you

Each day passes by without making any significant contribution to our journey in life. We always stay confused between which path to adopt and which ones to let take a drop. Sometimes everything around us turns hazy and nothing makes sense that’s when one the need for a direction is most sought after to keep ourContinue reading “Connect with the infinite energy source within you”

Zig Ziglar: The man who motivated millions is no more

-Zig Ziglar, American author, salesperson and motivational speaker has passed away on 28th Nov, 2012 at a hospital located in Plano, Dallas at age 86. His motivational seminars were called “Born to Win” and “Success Rallies” and as much as 25 self help books were penned by the author. According to Ziglar’s executive assistant LaurieContinue reading “Zig Ziglar: The man who motivated millions is no more”