#Syria ready for #chemicalweapons probe by #UN

  The Syrian government has announced on Sunday that it is ready to allow United Nations inspectors currently present in Damascus to conduct their investigation. The attacks took place in areas around the Syrian capital. The opposition has accused the government of using chemical weapons against fighters and civilians five days ago. Source: WSJ, BBC

#UN packs-off #AngelaKane to #Syria for #chemicalweapons probe

Angela Kane, disarmament chief at the UN has reached Damascus to push the Syrian government to probe the site of a chemical weapons attack. Source: BBC

Lesser threat to Israeli Army as tension mounts in Egypt

About the revolution it’s been said that it consumes its own children. It has been nearly two and a half years since the onset of Arab Spring when people across Arab nations came together with the basic resolve to improve the economic situation and civil liberties leading to the downfall of some Arab leaders andContinue reading “Lesser threat to Israeli Army as tension mounts in Egypt”

US to step up support to rebels after evidence on Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons

After Barack Obama has announced White House’s plans to arm Syrian rebels due to receiving evidence regarding Syrian government making use of chemical weapons against rebels, there are growing expectations of this being the next big news for some days now. Here are the latest updates on the issue as Assad forces launch Aleppo assault.Continue reading “US to step up support to rebels after evidence on Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons”

Hezbollah’s leader in support of Syrian government against rebels

Militant group Hezbollah’s leader has lent support of his powerful movement to the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad and vowed to help the government in securing a victory against the Syrian rebels. Hassan Nasrallah considers the Syrian rebels as proxy warriors for the West and Israel. The current Nasrallah’s comments are looked at asContinue reading “Hezbollah’s leader in support of Syrian government against rebels”

Israel destroys Hezbollah-bound missiles in airstrike

An air strike has been conducted by Israel in Syria. Israel has attacked a shipment of missiles in Syria that was headed towards Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon, an Israeli official said on Saturday. Israel has made it clear since long that it would not shy away from use of force to prevent advanced Syrian weaponsContinue reading “Israel destroys Hezbollah-bound missiles in airstrike”

Israel conducts airstrike in Syrian territory, says US

  Israeli Warplanes on Wednesday attacked deep into the Syrian territory according to American officials. The target according to American officials is believed to be highly advanced anti-aircraft weaponry that was been taken to Lebanon for Hezbollah Shiite military.   Though Americans were informed about the attack by Israeli forces, the Syrian government has calledContinue reading “Israel conducts airstrike in Syrian territory, says US”

United States approves Patriot missiles deployment on Syria-Turkey border

The United States on Friday approved deployment of two Patriot anti-ballistic missile batteries and 400 US troops to operate them on Syria-Turkey Border as the Syrian Government once again denied allegations of firing ballistic missiles at rebels. Syria is accused by US government that they have fired Scud-type artillery on rebels in northern part ofContinue reading “United States approves Patriot missiles deployment on Syria-Turkey border”