34 American troops suffered brain injuries from Iran’s strike, says Pentagon

34 American troops suffered traumatic brain injuries after Iran’s strikes on a U.S. base in Iraq this month, the Pentagon said. President Trump had dismissed them as “headaches.” Source: NYTimes

Department of Military Affairs (of India) – Organisational Chart

Under the newly-created Department of Military Affairs headed by Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat, there will be two Joint Secretaries, 13 Deputy Secretaries and 22 Under Secretaries.

Assange’s prosecution likely after Manning’s conviction on espionage charges

The likelihood of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s prosecution by the United States as a co-conspirator has moved a step closer following the conviction of Army private, Bradley Manning on espionage charges on Tuesday. The view is shared by his attorney and civil liberties groups alike. Manning is found guilty of numerous violations under Espionage ActContinue reading “Assange’s prosecution likely after Manning’s conviction on espionage charges”