Highlights from #NYCPride March 2014

Well, here’s a short film (video) capturing the highlights of the recently concluded #NYCPride March. It has many vox populi from the people with everyone sharing their reason to attending the whole event. The whole energy of the crowd is captivating and one of the people crowned NYC to be one of the best placesContinue reading “Highlights from #NYCPride March 2014”

Top Entertainment News of the Day

1.Duck Dynasty: The culture war on A&E’s reality show “Duck Dynasty” is about to escalate with the return of Phil Robertson. Robertson is returning after being suspended from the show for expressing racist opinions and  anti-gay stance in the interview given to GQ. 2.Pop star Beyonce’s use of the audio clip from Space shuttle Challenger’sContinue reading “Top Entertainment News of the Day”

Proposition 8 Supreme Court ruling could boost California’s wedding industry

The Supreme Court ruling on Proposition 8 that came out on Wednesday proved to be good news for the gay and lesbian couples in California who can now legally marry in the state. However Supreme Court didn’t realised that its ruling can boost prospects for Golden State’s wedding industry. There’s no specific data available onContinue reading “Proposition 8 Supreme Court ruling could boost California’s wedding industry”