Donald Trump’s pick for HHS secretary has inflated insulin price thrice during the last stint

Alex Azar, the man who has been picked by US President Donald Trump for the position of Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary is known to have tripled the price of Insulin in his last stint as a high-ranking executive at the pharmaceutical company Eli Lily. Azar is succeeding Tom Price who has to resignContinue reading “Donald Trump’s pick for HHS secretary has inflated insulin price thrice during the last stint”

£250 fertility drips not effective, says doctors and charities

A wellness company has been accused by fertility experts in UK of duping women with false hopes of being able to conceive a baby, using their £250 drip. The drips are being marketed with the image of a baby in the womb. Doctors have unequivocally rubbished the claims made by , which is presentlyContinue reading “£250 fertility drips not effective, says doctors and charities”

AI-powered robot dog from Sony to monitor kids and elderly

With the capability to store data of maximum 10 people, the artificial intelligence powered robot dog from Sony’s stable will monitor kids and the elderly through two cameras, it makes it easier to keep an eye on your dear ones. The cameras are housed in the dog‘s nose and tail, along with numerous sensors, whichContinue reading “AI-powered robot dog from Sony to monitor kids and elderly”

Puberty affects a girl’s cognitive ability, says study

You look yourself in the mirror and notice you are taller than you were a few weeks ago. Fuller and bigger breasts, hair in places you have never had before, the onset of periods, acne – you just wonder what I am turning into? Well, welcome to puberty girls! Puberty is that time of yourContinue reading “Puberty affects a girl’s cognitive ability, says study”

41-year-old woman dies of swine flu in Santa Clara County

A 41-year-old woman has died of swine flu in the Santa Clara County, prompting the health officials to make a public announcement on Friday, advising vaccination. Nobody younger than 65, had died of any flu strain in the US last year. The typical swine flu virus triggers a medical indication of severe pneumonia that effectsContinue reading “41-year-old woman dies of swine flu in Santa Clara County”

Show Biz is “addictive”, says Ruby Wax

In the recent HARDtalk interview given by Writer, performer and mental health campaigner Ruby Wax has talked about the addictive side of show business and why she left her career as a comedian to study neuroscience. The questions regarding her own troubled childhood were also raised during the interview and how her learning of theContinue reading “Show Biz is “addictive”, says Ruby Wax”

Susan Boyle tells newspaper about Asperger’s diagnosis

Susan Boyle told the Observer newspaper that she has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. Boyle feels relieved of the diagnosis after she saw a specialist last year and also got to know that she has an above-average IQ apart from having the Asperger’s syndrome. Boyle had been facing learning difficulties everContinue reading “Susan Boyle tells newspaper about Asperger’s diagnosis”

#Fastfoodprotests for higher #wages to hit more than a dozen cities in #US on Thursday #globalannal #McDonald’s #Tacobell #Wendy’s

  Image Source: Huffington Post

Mandela showing signs of resilience in hospital

As Mandela is on the road to recovery from the past two and a half months, he is showing resilience.  Even though his condition turns unstable sometimes, the South African president’s office said in a statement that he is “still critical but stable”. Mandela is in the hospital to recover from the lung infection disease.Continue reading “Mandela showing signs of resilience in hospital”

Five star #hotels in #India to be governed by #green guidelines and save environment #globalannal #environment #recycle #Tourism

Minister of Environment Jayanthi Natrajan tabled the guidelines in Lok Sabha. The guidelines will address the issue of wastage of water and food in these hotels through recycling and distributing food among the poor. Offering half portions to clients also feature in the guidelines to limit food wastage. Source: Firstpost