Dwand / Impasse

Dwand  Ek saans sang aaye zindagi, Ek saans sang dafan ho jaaye, Ek kiran roshni jo bhar de aalam, Ek kiran roshni sab dhundla chod jaye, Kya janoon main, kya doon main bhoola, Sab us jhroke mein ghum ho jaye. ——– Impasse (English Translation of Dwand) Life comes with a breath, And is trapped inContinue reading “Dwand / Impasse”

Breathtaking Wedding Gowns designed by Alfred Angelo for Walt Disney

Wedding is a dream that a girl starts caressing from the early days of her upbringing. A major part of girl childhood is spent fantasizing about the big day. Here is a collection of some 7 Disney Fairy Tale Wedding gowns that were designed by Alfred Angelo. The list begins with: Cindrella Ariel, The LittleContinue reading “Breathtaking Wedding Gowns designed by Alfred Angelo for Walt Disney”

The wait for “Community” TV series fans is over: Premiere dates announced by NBC

Finally the wait is over! There is a piece of good of news for all those “Community” TV series fans counting away the days when their favorite TV series will be aired once again on the TV. NBC has announced that the season 4 of the series will be out February 7 at 8 PM.Continue reading “The wait for “Community” TV series fans is over: Premiere dates announced by NBC”

Jaguar XKR-S freshly designed using chrome wraps

The world has seen some 100 or so revamped versions of XKR-S calling which an extreme sports car would not be counted as overemphasizing its capacity on the tarmac. A supercharged version of XJ220 may be the choice for some and for some just pushing the boundaries makes sense.     As chrome happens toContinue reading “Jaguar XKR-S freshly designed using chrome wraps”

Canadian website blocked in France for showing French Presidents as swingers in its advertisement

A Canadian adultery website that is called “AshleyMadison.com” was blocked by French Police on 24 Oct, 2012 for putting up French presidents as womanizers on its website. The list of presidents included in the website includes likes of Francois Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande. The strapline of this website reads, “What doContinue reading “Canadian website blocked in France for showing French Presidents as swingers in its advertisement”

Greetings to Global Annal readers on the festival of Eid-al-Adha

I wish to congratulate all Global Annal readers on the auspicious occasion of Eid-al-Adha i.e. “The Feast of Sacrifice”. Wikipedia states the legend behind the festival saying  “Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) has agreed to sacrifice his son “Ismail (Ishmael)”  with his consent as an act of submission to God’s command and his son’s acceptance to beingContinue reading “Greetings to Global Annal readers on the festival of Eid-al-Adha”

Words : Meaning and Usage of the word “Aggiornamento”

Since, I have a keen interest in the English language; I prefer to share the new words, phrases and jargon with followers of Global Annal. Today’s word is: Aggiornamento Wikipedia defines the words as synonym to “A bringing up to date”. It says on the origin of the word explaining it as “key words used during theContinue reading “Words : Meaning and Usage of the word “Aggiornamento””

Yash Chopra: The “real” king of Romance passes away

One of the most famous romantic directors of Bollywood of all time, Mr. Yash Chopra is no more. He was admitted to Lilavati hospital on 13th October due to dengue infection according to news airing on TV. Contrary to what made Yash Chopra popular, he had also made action dramas that also did well onContinue reading “Yash Chopra: The “real” king of Romance passes away”

Softcore Erotic movie “Emmanuelle” actress Sylvia Kristel dies

Legendary Dutch Actress Sylvia Kristel of softporn erotic film “Emmanuelle” died while battling it out with cancer in an Amsterdam Hospital. Sylvia Kristel was admitted to hospital in July after going through a heart stroke and was recuperating in the hospital ever since. Her agent Marieke Verharen said, “She died during the night in herContinue reading “Softcore Erotic movie “Emmanuelle” actress Sylvia Kristel dies”