School takes Harry Potter books off library shelves over fear of curses and spells

The pastor of a Roman Catholic school in Tennessee has banished JK Rowling’s Harry Potter novels from the school’s library shelves. The decision has come in the wake of Reverend Dan Reehill’s assessment of the spells and curses in the Harry Potter – which according to him is capable of conjuring evil spirits in real life.

Reverend Reehill claims he has taken the decision to outlaw all the seven volumes of Harry Potter series after consulting both the exorcists in the US as well as the Vatican.

According to the superintendent of schools for the Catholic Diocese of Nashville, Rebecca Hammel, the Catholic Church does not an official position on the Harry Potter novels at the moment. Ms. Hammel also said that the school has no intention of stopping kids from consuming any content as long the kids’ parents deem it fit to be read or seen by their kids.


Source: The Independent


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