AI-powered robot dog from Sony to monitor kids and elderly

With the capability to store data of maximum 10 people, the artificial intelligence powered robot dog from Sony’s stable will monitor kids and the elderly through two cameras, it makes it easier to keep an eye on your dear ones. The cameras are housed in the dog‘s nose and tail, along with numerous sensors, which are capable of detecting its owner and develop an understanding of its environment.AI powered robot dog from Sony to monitor kids and elderly-global-annal-bhavesh-kumar-journalist-security-safety.png

In order for the dog to function, the names and faces along with the map data need to be first registered following which reports pertaining to the said people can be accessed by the owner, on a real-time basis. The current robot dog from Sony is the second-generation version, which shares its legacy with a robot of the same name (AIBO) that was in production from 1999 till 2006.

The parents of unaccompanied kids and the family of elderly people with care needs set to majorly benefit from this household robot. The robot dog is designed to work with cloud-based AI and also recognizes gestures such as praise and stroking to better understand it’s owners behavior. And with the help of AI, develop such behaviors as it has learned during the period spent with its owner.

The sales for Aibo has been reassuring, with over 20000 units in the first six months of its launch since its launch in January last year. At $1800 (excluding taxes) and $821 for the three-year cloud subscription, you too could benefit from this innovative robot.

Source: AIBO, Mainichi


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