Pesticide Spraying Company’s License Suspended and Fined by Oregon OSHA and Deptt. of Agriculture for Procedural Violations

Two Oregon state agencies namely Oregon Occupational Safety and Health and the Oregon Department of Agriculture have found Applebee Aviation guilty of flouting established procedures for aerial pesticide spraying in Douglas County leading to suspension of license and fine slapping of $10000 .

Authorities initiated investigations (against Applebee Aviation) upon receiving complaints from Darryl Ivy. Ivy who himself worked for Applebee became aware of the poor Occupational Safety and Health practises of his employer after he was admitted emergency room at Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg and was found to have elevated levels of the weed killer atrazine in his urine samples.

To corroborate his charges alleging procedural lapses while spraying herbicides aerially, Ivy also supplied several photos and videos as evidence for the same. Oregon OSHA fined Applebee $8,850 for 10 serious violations and one less serious violation with most of it being related to providing insufficient protection to workers against herbicide exposure.

The fine of $1,110 was imposed on the company by Oregon Department of Agriculture apart from license suspension as a commercial pesticide operator.

Source: OPB


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