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16 March, 2014: Microsoft seeks legal help in US against piracy in emerging markets

Microsoft has succeeded in getting Attorneys general of states like Lousiana and Oklahoma in its efforts to secure payments from unlicensed users in China and other emerging markets. Earlier Attorneys-general did not take active interest in overseas issues concerning companies.

Microsoft managed to secure their support after it explained the inter-connection between unlicensed users of software in emerging markets and job losses in developed countries where they pay licence fees for software, driving up their cost of production and losing competitive edge against manufacturers in such markets.  (Source: WSJ)

10march, 2014: Titanfall to increase Xbox One’s sales

Microsoft bosses are hopeful of the Xbox One sales picking up after release of the newly launched video game “Titanfall”. The reason for Microsoft’s upbeat reaction to the Titanfall lies in it being designed by a well-known independent game designer and critical acclaim received by it. Titanfall is right now exclusively available for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PCs. Microsoft is going to now offer Xbox One bundled with Titanfall for the same old price of $500 at which it was earlier selling the console alone. Titanfall’s stand alone game is going to cost $60 to game lovers

9th March, 2014: Windows XP nears its end after Microsoft decides to stop security updates

The reputation of being a security oriented operating system maker earned by Microsoft by incorporating the SDL (Security Development Lifestyle) about a decade back in its operating system Microsoft XP is under threat as Microsoft has decided to stop providing regular patches to fix any threats that keep emerging in a constantly changing dynamics between developers and hackers.


The final instalment of public patches to fix such security vulnerabilities in Windows XP has been fixed by Microsoft for April 8th, 2014. The possible consequences for computer workstations (still working on Windows XP) to get infected by viruses is predicted increase by 66% compared to the days when regular patches were provided by Microsoft. (Source: CW , UNL)

6th March, 2014:Windows 8.1 update leaks, not recommended for download 

Several reports claimed that Windows 8.1 update is here but it requires one to jump a few steps in order to get it. Also experts suggest that it is not recommended as this requires changes to be made in Windows registry. Also there is no way this route could be exploited for long as Microsoft has the reputation of blocking such exploits in a timely manner. (Source: CNET)

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