The Rhythm – Weekly Photo Challenge


The picture was taken on a usual afternoon at my college (Centennial College, Toronto, Canada) when I was about to leave for volunteering at another event hosted by my CCPR colleagues for “Mukibaum Treatment Centres” and was sort of hurried and not gratifying to my artistic intuition. But still I guess what helped me while clicking the artist (unfortunately, I don’t remember his name) was hearing them play while coming into and going away from our campus building.

However, one thing I didn’t like was seeing some of these awesomely talented musicians standing in extremely cold weather at TTC Subways and other public places in Toronto in a bid to earn some money. Life’s really hard for all these musicians in Canada, I have clicked some pictures of these street musicians which I will be sharing in coming days.

Also, I would like to ask you for suggestions on how we can make conditions improve for them. I wish and believe in the fact that we all can support such street musicians (artists) that we come in contact with in our vicinity and let them concentrate on making great music!

Copyright, 2013 – Bhavesh Photography (Please take prior permission before using the picture)

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