Explore yourself through language of colours

A successful project requires a perfect mix of several colors. Confused! As to what does colors have to do with a project, well this is what we realized during a workshop titled “True Colors”. We began our journey through True Colors by filling out its questionnaire and a fun presentation later which gave us an understanding about people surrounding us and most of all, about ourselves.

After filling out the questionnaire, I came to know something about myself, of which I knew nothing earlier and this was the color of my personality, suddenly I am green. One color defining me. Other than green, there were gold, orange and blue in me too but they weren’t as strong as my primary color, green.

Explore yourself through language of colours-doug-bolger-learn2-bhavesh-kumar

As I was green, I was told that I have annals of knowledge stored in my brain which was actually true of my career as journalist, always out there looking for it. However with it this fact I was told about a limitation attached to it and it was my unorganized behaviour and abstract thinking that usually keeps our ideas from turning into reality. However, the fact that I was unorganized was not entirely true as I was secondary gold, who are known for their attention to detail and ability to organize everything. Other than my agreement with what I was told, this knowledge gave me an understanding. This understanding helped me realize why I could not excel into all the areas of project management and how people with other colors could help me achieve the desired results.

As I was thinking about what other color of people I may need in my group, I noticed a friend sitting opposite me, and to my utter surprise she was the color blue. After coming to know about my True Colors, I was guessing her to be an orange as she is full of energy and has a great sense of humour but I was wrong and I kept thinking, why? However as the presentation proceeded I came to know that my guessing of her as an orange was also not entirely wrong as she happened to be a secondary orange also. After the workshop, I started noticing how this workshop was helpful while working with my classmates. To begin with, we all picked our respective roles based on our primary colors and how we could perform our best and complement the skills of our other group members as well.

We came to know of the relevance of this workshop by the way our group work turned out. We all know how tricky it’s to work in groups. There always exists the chance of a group activity to turn really chaotic due to lack of proper coordination. Seeing the results of this exercise, it really helped me to channelize and organize my creative energies. This kind of tool is sure to help me excel in my professional career as well. Having acquired such skills through this workshop, it will obviously help me leverage the potential of my team based on their respective skill set.

Going forward, I will also consider the color of my other group members as well.  However, you may not always have each person of each color and in as many numbers as you want them. In a situation like this also you must know how to manage your team’s performance.  What we can do is organize some hands-on group activities and based on them you can help them to enhance these colors in their personalities.  Once the group activities related to enhancing all such colours are completed we can ensure that various project tasks would now be done relatively better as against a situation in which we had no clue of what skills will be required for achieving our target.

This could be explained more precisely by taking an example from each color. To begin with, a gold person is someone who will be detail oriented and take care of all those minor details which could have a bearing on the smooth execution of your project. A blue person would be someone who will take care of his team’s motivation level and will inspire them with his positive feedback whenever they will be feeling unsure about their performances. The green team member also brings a really important energy of fusing new ideas into a project which will ensure that the team’s work is unique and better positioned to catch the people’s eye. An orange member will be the one who will drive all these members into action and ensure that whatever great ideas his team has, it does transform into reality.

However, part of the reason that I understood the underlying idea of True Colors so clearly is also due to its facilitator Doug Bolger. His presentation was informative, fun and interactive, all at the same time. Even while we had the lock down drill scheduled during his presentation at the campus, he made the most of that time and asked us to do several group exercises enhancing our understanding of the concepts he shared with us inside. However, if I had to rate true colors as a movie, I would give it a 3.5 out 5 and urge people to at least watch it once. My overall experience with this workshop has been really worthwhile and the positive change in my work is already visible.

Image Source: Learn2

Published by Bhavesh Kumar

A multi-talented professional with diverse experience spanning across Advanced statistical analysis,Python programming with NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, Seaborn, Tableau, Machine Learning with stats models and scikit-learn, Deep learning with TensorFlow, journalism (digital and broadcast), management consultancy and documentary filmmaking. Worked for the leading international news agencies on feature stories, videography, scripting, programming and editing broadcast news. A creative and analytical mindset focused on executing new-age strategic communication initiatives with all its corresponding elements (clear and coherently written key messages, marketing strategy and predictive analytics) to ensure effective target audience impressions. Also, worked on several primary and secondary market research projects (Market Feasibility Study) for businesses looking for actionable insights.

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