Apologies issued by #Alabama #news site for #sexist comment #globalannal #Women

An Alabama news site has issued an apology after one of it’s editors passed off a particularly sexist comment saying football is confusing “Especially for women”. The controversial statement was passed by food editor David Holloway of AI.com. The said statement was written by the editor in a story called “Girls of Fall: A night of Food, Fashion and Football” based on an Alabama event.

Apologies issued by Alabama news site for sexist comment-global-annal-bhavesh-kumar

People expressed their discontent over the statement on the social media and Holloway gave explanation over his comment saying, “The ‘Girls of Fall’ event is not geared toward those women who are experts in football, but those who are not but want to learn more. We apologize for offending readers. The story has been edited in response to the feedback we’ve received.”

AI.com has removed the clause “Especially for women” from the story and issued an update which said, “has been edited to remove incorrect and offensive assumptions about women and football. We apologize for the error in judgment.”

Source: Thinkprogress


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