Samsung is soon going to launch wristwatch like Smartphone Galaxy Gear

Samsung Electronics is going to introduce a wristwatch-like mobile device named as the “Galaxy Gear” in the coming month. The device is said to be able to handle phone calls and e-mails and surf the internet, people close to the issue said.

Samsung is soon going to launch wristwatch like Smartphone Galaxy Gear with Galaxy-Note-3-global-annal-bhavesh-kumar

The Galaxy Gear is going to be based on the Google’s Android operating system and is expected to go on sale this year itself to beat its biggest competing product from Apple, experts said. The device may be launched on September 4, told people on condition of anonymity.

The biggest technology company in Asia is in a hurry to create these new wearable devices as the market for top-end Smartphone is going to hit saturation soon. The sales revenue projections for global watch industry is more than $60 billion (R600bn) in sales this year, and the companies to sell these multitasking devices  are going to capture the largest market share while also boosting sales of other devices.

“It will carve a niche for sure as this is an initial product in the market,” said Chung Chang Won, an analyst at Nomura Holdings in Seoul.

The news of Apple working on developing this watch-like device with a team of about 100 designers was revealed by two persons in February. Apple is also planning to introduce its device this year.

Samsung is also going to launch Galaxy Note 3 with the smartwatch Galaxy Gear.

Source– Businessreport, techradar, gizmag


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